Loyalty program is dead. Long live the customer program!

Customer programs have never been as important and valuable for companies as they are today.

If you have been proactive and transformed the old model loyalty program into a customer centric and driven customer program that lives and flourishes in digital channels – you are one of the winners in your competitive arena.


Even better if you have been able to avoid all refund mechanisms and have based your program concept on the core of your offering and relationship with your customer. The key to success is to serve and support better than anyone else at every touch point.

Your customer program enables you to predict changes, desires and needs of your customer and be there for her at much earlier stage than your competitors – and exactly at the right time. Thus you will be relevant and meaningful for her before and after the actual transaction.

With the massive amount of demographic, purchase and behavioral data on your customers the program produces on individual level, you can steer and develop your business and predict changes before they happen. Just make sure you use this opportunity.

Observe and learn how your customers behave and how the purchase process looks from their point of view, make an overall description of the path and fill it with actions and dialogue. Your only goal here is outstanding customer experience and engagement. And that’s it.


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