Tasks every marketer should get accomplished this year

The myriad of different trend reports and summaries published around the new year are only a faint memory when the second month of 2017 has just started. What are the key points of the reports in terms of on-going transformation and tasks to be accomplished during the next 11 months?

I would say the list is very short but still means a lot of decisions and work to be done:

  1. This year latest you need to change your thinking and replace the company value chain with your customer process. They are different. Make sure you include knowledge and insight on the needs, desires and expectations of your many different customers.
  2. If you are in B2B market it is time to integrate marketing and sales.This enables you to generate more and better leads as well as improve your customer experience throughout the journey. Decide who you want to become your customer and start working with Account Based Marketing.
  3. As a FMCG marketer the deadline is now to pilot and test being in direct contact with your end customers. This is the number one action this year. You should target owning the relationship with the user of your product.
  4. Year of analytics – if you do not have a good partner to manage both business, marketing and customer (behavior) data, get one now, as soon they are all fully booked.

If you have different or additional opinions, please state them here.


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