Digitalisation has transformed marketing from a vertical function into a horizontal process

Marketing has gone through an enormous transformation – as everything else in business. Customer has taken all the power and changed both purchase behaviour and media usage. This combined with e-commerce allowing customers to purchase wherever in the world and whenever convenient for them means, that general behavioural patterns are gone and customers are taking individual paths and shopping habits.

Traditional competencies, tools and ways of working don’t just work anymore. The role of marketing has also changed:  it has become the key process of every company. It is the largest and most important real-time interface between a company and the customer. The data that marketing can produce today allows companies to make knowledge-based decisions and business development.

Next big change in marketing communications is the significant increase in non-commercial, automated and personalized messages that customers perceive as service.

Such conversational communications will allow marketers to influence individual customers’ experiences and behaviour, increase the quantity of recommendations, raise the value of customership and cut down churn. In my experience, this will also create considerable additional sales.

“Brand owners must understand that if conversations are the interface then personalities are the new UX, and address their creation and development accordingly.” Erdal Gunel, Fjord